Transfur Animals’ Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Where animals are accepted for transportation:

Transfur acts as a booking agent only and therefore will only accept liability when pets are in our direct care. Although every possible care and attention will be given to animals during transportation, it is regretted that no responsibility can be accepted by Transfur or by any organization, for example, carrying airline for escape, death or injury due to natural causes, by reasons of climate conditions, war, acts of foreign enemies Governments, riots, radioactive contamination and injury to a third party by the animal. Transfur is not responsible or liable for any issues that may arise whilst pets are in the care of a third party (including the carrying airline) and neither can we arrange compensation in respect of any claim for or on behalf of any third party.

All pets must travel in containers that conform to IATA Live Animal Regulations and the carrying airline’s own requirements. Where travel containers are supplied by Transfur, we will not be liable for any costs or delays due to incorrectly sized containers caused by incorrect animal measurements being provided by the client.

Should you decide to supply your own travel container, it must be sufficiently large enough to allow your pets to stand up, turn around and lie down in comfort. If the travel container is found not to conform to the current IATA Live Animal Regulations and the carrying airline’s own requirements at the point of departure, your pets will not be allowed to travel on their booked flight, unless a new a new and correctly sized container that conforms to IATA Live Animal Regulations and the airline’s own requirements can be supplied in time. Whilst Transfur will do what it can to assist with sourcing replacement containers we will not be responsible for any delays or costs incurred caused by the above.

Prior to departure at the airport, if any pet should appear to be unwell, veterinary advice will be sought immediately and, if as a consequence, the pet is deemed unfit to travel then the client will be responsible for all additional resulting costs incurred.

The client is responsible for ensuring that all veterinary preparation and health documentation is duly completed in readiness for handover to the carrying airline on departure day, or our driver upon collection.

The client is also responsible to check with importing/exporting authorities that all requirements have been met. If additional costs are incurred prior to departure of your pet(s), for example due to incorrect or incomplete veterinary documentation, any resultant rescheduling, cancellation, changes and or delay to flights, these will be deemed to be the responsibility of the client.

Transfur cannot be held responsible for delays or any resultant costs caused by late processing of blood tests by testing laboratories, or delays concerning the issuance of import permits and health certificates.

On departure day pets are required to check in for their flights at a certain time before the scheduled flight departure time. This is four hours prior to the scheduled departure time unless instructed otherwise. Check in times do vary from airline to airline.

Unless Transfur is arranging transportation to the departure airport it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the pets are delivered to the airline at the appropriate time. Once checked in and accepted, the pets are in the care of the airline. Transfur is not responsible for refusal of acceptance by the airline or for additional charges incurred due to late arrival at check in.

Transfur are not responsible for flight cancellations or delays that may cause your pet to miss it’s booked flight. Any consequential costs will be the responsibility of the client unless the airline has agreed to accept such costs. Whilst we will do our best to ensure your pet travels as booked, we cannot accept responsibility for delays, cancellations and consequential costs due to circumstances beyond our control. For example, extreme weather conditions or severe traffic difficulties. It is the responsibility of the carrying airline to notify Transfur of any cancellations or flight changes and we will not be responsible for their failure to do so. Furthermore, Transfur are not responsible for any incorrect information provided to us by the carrying airline.

The requirements for entering certain countries and destinations can change without or at short notice, and whilst Transfur will make every effort to keep it’s records up to date we will not be responsible for any changes that may affect travel arrangements or cover any consequential costs.

Upon arrival at destination your pets may have to undergo veterinary and customs clearance procedures. Such fees are to be paid by the client directly unless Transfur has agreed to collect these on the client’s behalf. Opening hours of these agencies may change without prior notice and therefore Transfur will not be responsible for any changes to pet’s travel plans or any consequential costs caused by such changes

Quotations are prepared based upon the information provided by the client at the time of the initial enquiry. It is the client’s responsibility to provide accurate details particularly in respect of breed description, measurements and weights. Should this information change it could have the effect of changing the quotation. Please note that a quotation does not guarantee a flight routeing nor flight availability. Quotations are subject to flight availability at time of booking. Please note that many of the charges associated with the transportation process are outside of our control and therefore quotations may be subject to change without notice. If the information provided to Transfur is incorrect then the client will be liable to any changes in cost

Following acceptance of our quotation and your instruction to proceed, we will require a minimum non refundable deposit of not less than £350.00. All shipping charges are to be paid in full no less than twenty one days prior to the date of departure.

Transfur will not be held liable for mortality or health of your pets due to natural causes. All pets are accepted at owner’s risk as their own property, and are not intended to be exported for sale

Any complaints must be formally submitted in writing within fourteen days of receipt of your pets from arrival airport or from quarantine facilities. Complaints in respect of care of pets whilst not in the direct care of the carrying airline or Transfur will be passed to the organisation concerned for due investigation. In the event of the client not being satisfied with the outcome of the complaint it will be the responsibility of the owner to make direct contact with the organisation concerned. Whilst Transfur will endeavor to assist in this process it has no control over the outcome provided by the third party concerned or it’s complaints procedures and response times .

Privacy Statement

The forms used for contacting us at Transfur require you to provide contact details such as name, address and other communication details.

The information or data registered via is considered to be confidential and measures are in place to protect all user information registered in our systems.

At no time will Transfur publish, share, trade, vend or otherwise distribute any of the information or data registered or provided to us, to any other party without prior permission. Transfur may, however, be obliged and is entitled to disclose information and data registered or provided to us in compliance with applicable law, court or arbitration orders, judgements, awards or other legal processes served, or in compliance with requests by any entitled authority, body or person or to protect the interests, rights and property of Transfur.