Pet Travel

Arranging pet travel can be a daunting task for the vast majority of people who are relocating. With this guide, we aim to break down the whole process into a step by step process that is easy to understand.

Step by step guide to travelling with pets

1. Obtain a quote

Travelling with pets can be made so much easier when you know their exact measurements. This helps us to estimate costs and choose a well-sized container for travelling. It is important to get the measurements right to ensure that you beloved pet is both safe and comfortable during their journey.


2. Arrange flights

When it comes to arranging flights, we recommend direct flights wherever possible. Arranging pet travel can be a daunting task, and doing this just makes the process simpler. Moreover, we have strong relationships with many major airlines, take a look at our partners page for more information.

3. Arrange documentation

Transfur Animals will then proceed to take care of your pet’s documentation. A lot of paperwork is needed but we will take care of as many of the arrangements as you’d like. Transfur always aims to ensure that your pet’s move is as easy and as stress-free as possible.

4. Travel kennels for your pet

After having entered your pet’s measurements to our online form, we will be able to select a crate that is the perfect size for your furry friend. This ensures maximum comfort and safety for a calming journey for your pet. This is why it is extremely important that the measurements that you enter are as accurate as possible.

5. We ensure that your pet travel experience goes smoothly

Our goal is to offer you a completely personal experience so that we can meet all your requirements and needs. We will make sure that everything is arranged before your pet boards the plane. At this point, you will already have received information regarding delivery, collection and check-in details. So, you can rest easy that your pet is in good hands.

Help And Advice

Our main aim is to make pet travel as simple and easy as possible. We always prioritise the welfare of your pet, so you can rely on us to arrange your pet’s transport.

We are experts in arranging pet travel from the UK to the majority of destinations worldwide. What’s more, we offer a fully bespoke pet travel service. This means that we are committed to offering pet owners an individual service that matches the needs of their pet. We can attend to all documentation, arrange the supply and delivery of travel containers and much more. No matter which of our pet travel services you require, we can offer our expert guidance.

Our top priority is always to make sure that your pet reaches their destination comfortably and safely.

Got any further questions? Please feel free to call us if you are in any doubt. Tel 01403 212900