Pet Travel To South Africa

When it comes to pet travel to South Africa, Transfur Animals are the experts. We are here to offer you expert advice during what could be a stressful relocation process. We have been providing pet transport to South Africa for over 15 years, so we are one of the UK leaders in animal imports and exports. We have all the necessary experience to make sure the process goes smoothly, so you can always rely on us to provide a fully professional service.

Transfur Animals comprises the pet relocation division of Aria Services Ltd and we are dedicated to offering you the best possible service. We will organise everything from arranging flights to delivery to your home at your destination. With our service, we can provide many elements of relocating your pet ‘under one roof’ with the aim of minimising the strain on you as a pet owner. Get a free pet relocation quote to discuss our services with one of our experts.

Trustworthy pet transport to South Africa

Transfur Animals fully appreciate that organising pet travel to South Africa is a huge ordeal. We fully understand that your pet’s safety is the most important aspect of relocating your pet. This is why we will always make their safety our number one priority.

Discover what we can offer you by completing our no-obligation quotation form. This will also allow us to price your pet’s travel to South Africa. Or, you can give us a call on 01405 212 900 for expert and trusted advice on pet relocation.

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What We Will Do

> Provide veterinary requirements for South Africa

> Provide Shippers certificates

> Obtain UK customs clearance

> Liaison with your own veterinary practice

> Arrange UK home to airport delivery service, if required

> Arrange flights

> Arrange boarding prior to UK departure, if required

> Apply to DEFRA for export health certificate

> Supply and delivery of travel container(s) for your pet(s) that meet IATA and airline requirements to your home address

> Arrange import permits, customs clearance and boarding on arrival, if required

Airports Served

> Durban

> Cape Town

> Johannesburg

> Other main regional airports