Pet Transport To Canada

We’re one of the leading providers of pet transport services to Canada. With years of experience under our belt, you can always rely on us to safely move your pets from one country to another. When moving to Canada with pets, it is important to consider the regulations and legal requirements of the country. Transfur Animals are fully experienced when it comes to Canada’s rules and regulations, so we can either completely take the reins or simply offer advice. No task is too big or too small when arranging your pet’s transport to Canada.

What’s more, we will be on hand every step of the way during the Canadian pet travel process. From discussing the move with your veterinary practice, through to delivering travel containers that meet IATA regulations and obtaining clearance through customs – we’re here to help!

Moving to Canada with pets

Emigration from the UK to Canada is a popular choice so it remains one of the most popular destinations for pet relocation. The UK is free of rabies, so a rabies vaccine is not needed. However, there are other requirements when arranging pet travel to Canada. DEFRA export paperwork will allow the Canadian authorities to accept an un-vaccinated animal from the UK.

As specialists in our field, we are able to minimise the stress of moving to Canada with pets by bringing many elements of the process under one roof. Every member of our team has been a pet-owner at some point, so we fully-understand how important your pet is to you. This is one of the many aspects that set us apart from other Canadian pet transportation companies.

Wherever you are in the UK, we can help you minimise the stress that comes when arranging pet transport to Canada. Get a free, no obligation pet travel quote by completing our online form. For more information on pet transport to Canada, feel free to get in touch with one of our specialists on 01403 212 900.

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What We Will Do

> Supply and delivery of travel container(s) for your pet(s) that meet IATA and airline requirements to your home address

> Apply to DEFRA for export health certificate(s)

> Provision of veterinary requirements

> Provide shippers certificates

> Liaison with your own veterinary practice

> Obtain UK customs clearance

> Arrange UK home to airport delivery service, if required

> Arrange flights

Canadian Airports Served

> Toronto

> Vancouver

> Montreal

> Calgary

> Most other major airports and some regional airports