Pet Travel to the USA

Transfur Animals offer high-quality pet travel services to the USA. We understand that moving your pet from one country to another is likely to be a highly stressful experience for you. So, here at Transfur Animals, we aim to reduce the hassle that comes with travelling with your pet to the USA. We’ve been relocating pets for over 15 years, so you can always count on us to make sure your pet arrives safe and sound.

We comprise the pet relocation division of Aria Services Ltd and we are dedicated to offering you the best relocation services around. Established in the mid-nineties, we are fully experienced in organising pet travel to the USA. We will organise everything from arranging flights to delivery to your new destination.  With the aim to minimise the strain on you as a pet owner, we can provide many of the elements of pet relocation ‘under one roof’. Get a free pet relocation quote to discover what we can offer you.

Travelling with your Pet to the USA

When travelling with your pet to the USA, it can often be a huge ordeal. We completely understand that your pet’s safety is of utmost importance, so we will always make their safety our main priority. All of our pet relocation experts are currently or have been pet owners in the past, so your pet will always be in good hands.

Discover what we can offer you by completing our online pet relocation quote. This will allow us to price your pet’s travel to the USA as well as select an appropriately sized travel container. Feel free to contact us on 01405 212 900 for expert and trusted advice on pet relocation.

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What We Will Do

> Provision of veterinary requirements

> Provide shippers certificates

> Obtain UK customs clearance

> Liaison with your own veterinary practice

> Arrange UK home to airport delivery service, if required

> Arrange flights

> Supply and delivery of travel container(s) for your pet(s) that meet IATA and airline requirements to your home address

> Arrange customs clearance and boarding at destination, if required

Airports Served

> All major gateways

> Plus numerous regional airports