Transfur Animals’ Terms and Conditions

Where animals are accepted for transportation:

From time of shipment, animals are in the care of Transfur or the carrying airline. Although every possible care and attention will be given to animals during transit, it is regretted that no responsibility can be accepted by Transfur or by the carrying airline for escape, death or injury due to natural causes, by reasons of climate conditions, war, acts of foreign enemies or Government or riots, radioactive contamination and injury to a third party by the animal.

Should you decide to supply your own travel container, it must be sufficiently large enough to allow your pet to stand up, turn around and lie down in comfort. If the travel container is found not to conform to the current IATA regulations at the point of departure, your animals will not be allowed to travel on their booked flight, unless a new IATA approved container can be supplied in time. If any animal should appear to be unfit to travel, veterinary advice will be sought immediately and charged as necessary.

All shipping charges are to be paid in full no less than fourteen days prior to the date of departure. If any extra costs are incurred prior to departure of the pets, due to veterinary documentation, rescheduling, cancellation, changes and or delay to the flights, these are deemed to be the responsibility of the client. Transfur are not liable for costs or delays due to incorrectly sized containers caused by incorrectly measured animals by the client.

Privacy Statement

The forms used for contacting us at Transfur require you to provide contact details such as name, address and other communication details.

The information or data registered via available and measures are in place to protect all user information registered in our systems.

At no time will Transfur publish, share, trade, vend or otherwise distribute any of the information or data registered or provided to us, to any other party. Transfur may, however, be obliged and is entitled to disclose information and data registered or provided to us in compliance with applicable law, court or arbitration orders, judgements, awards or other legal processes served or in compliance with requests by any entitled authority, body or person or to protect the interests, rights and property of Transfur.